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"Gar" Gillies' book:

The How and Why
of Guitar Tube Amps
as "Gar" Sees It


"Gar" Gillies, the founder of the Garnet Amplifier Company, was one of North America's tube tech masters. In this book is just a portion of the wealth of tube amplification knowledge he possessed. With two hundred pages of text plus explanatory diagrams there is something for everyone from the beginner with a curiosity about the workings of tube amps to the advanced hobbyist or technician looking to learn more. Many existing circuits from various brands are examined along with Gar's own designs. There's also many mods that can be applied in a variety of way's. Topics covered include power supplies, biasing, output stages, effects loops, tone controls, distortion, fuzz, trem as well as many others with a multitude of tips, tricks and ideas from the master himself. Also included are original schematics for just about every Garnet amp ever built. Models covered include the Rebel, Pro, Lil' Rock, Swinger, Jammer, and many others as well as the famous BTO and Gar's signature piece; the Herzog.

Gar Gillies was working with tubes since the dawn of the consumer radio and was an expert long before anyone thought to amplify a guitar. As a musician himself he was keenly aware that the guitar amplifier is a musical instrument in its own right and dedicated his life to helping individual players achieve their own unique sound. Order your copy now and tap into the knowledge of this late, great artisan, technician and innovator.
  The How and Why of Guitar Tube Amps as "Gar" Sees It

The How and Why of Guitar Tube Amps as "Gar" Sees It  

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  • hundreds of circuit examples
  • four main sections and more
  • spiral bound - lays flat
  • mods
  • theory
  • over 100 Garnet schematics
  • guitar amps
  • bass amps
  • stencil amps
  • vocal & PA amps
  • tips and tricks
  • circuit ideas
  • Herzog
  • advanced theories
  • test methods
  • circuits for test equip.
  • biasing
  • 300+ pages
  • noise reduction
  • class a

A Must Read for the Tube Amp Enthusiast!