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The Guillotine

Hand Made
Point to Point Wired
All Tube
Guitar Pre-amp and Distortion Effect!


Put the covers back on your vintage amp collection! There is finally a single unit that covers the full sonic range of vintage tube sounds. Soft or loud, creamy or harsh, this unbelievable device can melt butter one moment and take your head off the next. We are not talking about a gadget or a toy. The Guillotine can back up all of its promises. It is the product of a lifetime of design and experimentation. Gar Gillies was one of the most respected names in the tube amp business, and one of its true pioneers. His legacy is this amazing device. The Guillotine develops its remarkable variety of sounds from a proprietary circuit that cascades an amazing four stages of tube gain, without any semiconductors in the signal path. Even at the most bombastic levels of gain, this unit maintains the smoothest chord definition and near silent noise level. The natural tube compression develops remarkable sustain. A single closure footswitch operates silent relays that completely remove the unit from the signal path.

Sound Samples

  Guillotine - Guitar Effect

Guillotine - Guitar Effect  

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  • ALL TUBE - Uses Two 12AU7's
  • Studio Quiet - Even at Full Gain!
  • Point to Point Wired - Just Like Vintage Amps
  • 3 Band EQ Effective at All Gain Levels
  • Treble Boost Switch
  • Amazing Chord Definition
  • Instant Attack at Full Gain/Compression
  • Pulls Out Elusive Harmonics Like the 14th Fret
  • Power Supply & Footswitch Included
  • Super Strong Welded Aluminum Case