Herzog - Guitar Effect
Photos above and above right show a vintage Herzog atop a '69 Garnet BTO.
Photos below show previous Re-Issue IV.
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Limited Edition Re-Issue!

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"Gar" Gillies' Legendary


Guitar Effect

Herzog - Guitar Effect

Garnet Herzog Re-Issue V

The most accurate re-issue ever!

Along with the original style Garnet logo introduced on Re-Issue IV the latest re-issue now has original Garnet knobs!


"Gar" Gillies' Herzog

Ever since the late 60's when guitar tube amp legend "Gar" Gillies created this legendary effect others have tried to duplicate it. Sure they may have an "American Woman" setting but the real thing started right here. The Herzog connects like a typical stomp box but it retains all the components critical to vintage tube tone; a 12AX7 based pre-amp, a 6V6 based power section, and transformers specially chosen for just the right amount of sag and saturation. All of this in a small point to point wired head with cosmetics just like the classic original.

This is the combination that delivers the creamy overdrive and singing sustain that made American Woman Tone famous!

The latest edition of this legendary guitar effect, the "Gar" Gillies Herzog, is a tribute to the man who invented it. The best materials, specially chosen parts and Baltic Birch cabinet make this the highest quality re-issue yet, while the original style Garnet logo and OEM Garnet knobs make it the most accurate.

The "Gar" Gillies Herzog is a true Limited Edition. Only a handful will be built this year!

Check out the Vintage section of the website for more info on the original 60's Herzog.

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  Herzog - Guitar Effect
Herzog - Guitar Effect

Herzog - Guitar Effect  

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  • ALL TUBE - Uses One 12AX7 and One 6V6
  • Point to Point wired - just like vintage amps
  • Hand Assembled
  • Specially Chosen Transformers
  • Front Panel or Footswitch* Full Bypass
  • Baltic Birch Cabinet
  • Powder Coated Chassis
  • Tone Control
  • Original Garnet Logo & knobs
  • 120 VAC powered

Vintage Tone - The Old Fashioned Way!

*Footswitch Not Included