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Garnet "Stencil" Amps

The Garnet™ Amplifier Company built thousands of amps that never bore the Garnet emblem but instead were sold under any one of over thirty other brand names. These amps are known to Garnet enthusiasts as "Stencil" amps. Some of these amps were essentially Garnets, ie they were identical to an existing Garnet model but wore a different logo while others were models made specific to the desires of the distributor who intended to sell them.

If you find an amp bearing any one of the following names the odds are very good that you've found a Garnet! The best way to know for sure is to look for the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) label. If the code "LR24510" appears beneath it then it is indeed a Garnet. This is a manufacturer's reference code and will appear on any amp made by Garnet regardless of the brand it may have been sold under.

Incidentally, if you've got an amp with the CSA number of "LR19952" then you'll want to check out this page, Pepco Tube Amps, lots of great info here about another prolific Canadian stencil amp manufacturer, Pine Electronics, later known as Pepco, that was based in Montreal.

Little is known about most Garnet stencil brands but here are some pics and any additional info that has come to light. We'd like to have at least one pic of every known stencil brand so if you don't see a picture of your stencil amp here please consider submitting a quality picture.


Model 5P

Single Channel - 2.5 Watts RMS
This example has seen better days but it had to be included here just so you can check out that wild grille design. Yes, that's factory!

  Astro 5P
Photo courtesy G. Miller



Concord Logo


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Eaton's E90-2  


Model E90-2

Two Channel - 45 Watts RMS
Eaton's was once one of Canada's biggest retailers and marketed Garnet manufactured amps under many brands including Lancer, Vagabond and Viscount. The example shown here has unfortunately had the front panel replaced with metal mesh and that's where its emblem resided.

Genesis Logo


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Gibson Lab Series 2 Logo


Lab Series 2

That's right, Garnet made amps for none other than US guitar giant Gibson. But before you get too excited you should know that these were all solid state amps that followed in the footsteps of Gibson's first foray into solid state, the original Lab Series developed in conjunction with Moog. The amps did achieve one moment of fame however as a Garnet manufactured Gibson amp is featured in the movie "Back to the Future". Check out the scene where Marty and his band audition for the teachers.





Photo courtesy D. Macaulay



Single Channel - 7 Watts RMS

  Granada D15TR

Photo courtesy J. Culmone

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Hohner Logo

Garnet/Hohner Emblem


For a time Garnet was involved in a marketing agreement with Hohner which resulted in models like the Garnet/Hohner BTO shown here as well as other Garnet models being produced and adorned with this merged brand emblem.

  Garnet Hohner BTO LB260D

Hyland G100  
Hyland Logo


Model G100 & G212 Speaker Cab

Impact Logo


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Imperia Combo
Photo courtesy D. Macaulay



Model E90PA

Two Channel - 45 Watts RMS
This example has a cost cutting paper on plastic emblem but many were produced with a very nice chromed plastic logo. It is believed that the Lancer brand was used by Eaton's and many Lancer models are exact duplicates of Garnet products. Examples of a Lancer Mach 5 Reverb, Lancer Pro and Lancer Lil' Rock (shown here at right) have been confirmed.

Lancer E90PA
Photo courtesy B. Marwood
  Lancer L90L
Photo courtesy T. Miller



Model XLII

Single Channel - 2-5 Watts RMS
Basic two knob student amp.


Model D200TD

Single Channel - 75 Watts RMS
A favorite among stencil collectors the Mann brand wasn't just about low cost student amps but included deluxe models like this dual EL34 powered head based upon the Garnet Pro Super series chassis. It is shown here with a matching 1x12/1x15 cab and a beautiful Mann LP Recording lawsuit guitar. The Mann brand was distributed by Great West Music in Vancouver, Canada.

  Mann D200TD

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Model 5P

Single Channel - 2.5 Watts RMS
One of the most common of stencil models, the 5P and its big brother the 10P (5 watts) were powered by one or two 50C5 tubes. These are sometimes called transformerless because there is no input transformer, ie. tubes are powered directly from the AC line. The Pan brand was marketed by Turner Musical Instruments Ltd. of Toronto, Canada

Pan 5P
  Pan 5P

Pax 5S

Photo courtesy J. Kil



Model 5S

Single Channel - 2.5 Watts RMS
Solid State


Model P45B

Single Channel - 20 Watts RMS


Photo courtesy L. Howard

Pro II G100TR
Photo courtesy K. Byrd

Pro II

Model G100TR

Two Channel - 50 Watts RMS
Here's a good example of a stencil that is essentially a Garnet. In this case its a Revolution III with a Pro II emblem.
Its not known exactly who marketed this brand but perhaps they were intended for sale with Aria Pro II guitars.

Ram Logo


Ram Promo Sticker
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Raven 5P  


Model 10P

Single Channel - 4 Watts RMS
This is another example of the "transformerless" stencils. This one is a two knob 10P with two 50C5 tubes powering an 8" speaker.



Photo courtesy K. Frieh

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Sears Logo


Model D45R

Single Channel - 20 Watts RMS
This is another large retailer that went to Garnet to provide it with amps to sell in its stores. While the name Sears is most often associated with Silvertone amps (in the US) Garnet produced amps for marketing by the retail giant's Canadian arm, which at the time was known as Simpson Sears.


Distributed by Lasar Music Corp. of Brentwood, TN

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Stagg Logo



  Supreme Combo

Photo courtesy Z. Belanger

Titan Combo

Photo courtesy M. Smith

Titan Logo


United Logo


Model D90TR

Single Channel - 45 Watts RMS
The United brand was marketed to its customers by United Music Schools. It is another stencil brand that offered more than just student or starter amps. This D90TR is a nice example with 3 tone controls, reverb and tremolo and sports an early United logo. The font was later changed to what was then a more modern style but in retrospect is pretty boring.


Photo courtesy K. Staskiewicz

Vagabond Combo

Photo courtesy R. Richardson

Vagabond Head

Photo courtesy P. Gamache

Vagabond Logo


Model E15TR Combo (Top)
Model E15 Head (Bottom)

Single Channel - 7 Watts RMS

Viscount Logo


Model D90H

Three Channel Bass Head- 30 Watts RMS

  Viscount Head

Photo courtesy P. Kneubuhler

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